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Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

created: June 2002 by Dale Kaechler

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Camera and Lenses

*Canon EOS D30 Digital Camera (sold),
*Canon EOS 10D Digital Camera (sold),
*Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera,
*Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 ll Lens,
*Canon EF 70mm f/1.8 Lens,
*Canon EF 28-128mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens,
*Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens,
*Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Lens,
*Sigma 15-30mm f/3.5-4.5 EX DG DF Lens,
*Sigma APO Tele Converter EX 1.4, and
*Sigma APO Tele Converter EX 2X.

File Processing


I take all my photos in the RAW mode, Canon CRW and THM file format and convert to linear tiff 16 bit with BreezeBrowser by Chris Breeze. I use Roger Cavanagh's PhotoShop action LinearSharpen Menu (LSM) to convert from linear tiff which provides a convenient method for specifying options for processing linear files and is structured so that a single image or a batch of images can be easily processed with the same settings. LSM has additional sharpening levels to Pekka Saarinen's LinearSharpen v3.42 original four, however the core of LS v3.42 remains the same. I have found that converting from linear tiff with LSM I get excellent colors and it negates the need of a camera profile.


I use Bibble Pro created by Eric Hyman and his team at Bibble Labs Inc to convert the CR2 raw files to jpeg or tiff files.

To reduce the time of post processing in Photoshop I use Bibble Plug-Ins created by Sean Puckett.

My printing is done on the Canon i9900 and Epson 3800 photo printers using Mike Chaney's Qimage Pro which is an excellent printing program with full color management (ICC/ICM) support. To take advantage of the color management capabilities of Qimage Pro I have created custom profiles with Profile Prism also by Mike Chaney. The paper profiles I have created with Profile Prism are very accurate and superior to those I have created with MonacoEZcolor or WiziWYG.

I store all the CRW,THM, and CR2 files (Canon Raw files) on DVD and use Archive Creator by Michael Tapes and Peter Morrone to create the archive.

The Programs and PhotoShop action files I have mentioned above are available from the links below.

Software Links

*Archive Creator by Michael Tapes and Peter Morrone
*BreezeBrowser and Downloader by Chris Breeze
*Bibble by Eric Hyman
*Bibble Plug-ins by Sean Puckett
*Phase One Capture One Pro by Phase One
*LinearSharpen Menu by Roger Cavanagh
*LinearSharpen 3.42 by Pekka Saarinen
*Profile Prism by Mike Chaney
*Qimage Pro by Mike Chaney


*Fall Colors 2001
*Winterlude 2002, Ottawa, On
*Catwalk and Petawawa River 2002
*Pembroke Fire 2002
*Wheatland Spring Classic AAA Hockey Tournament, Regina 2002
*Family 2002
*Regina-Saskatoon 2002
*Chutes Coulonge 2002
*Ottawa-Hull, Canada 2002
*Lake Nipissing, North Bay Canada 2002
*Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking 2002
*Eastern Ontario Regional Fire Fighter Combat Challenge 2003
*Our Doberman Pinscher
*Deer In Our Yard

Galleries created with "BreezeBrowser"

Message Boards

*Bibble Labs' Support Forums
*Breeze Systems' Support Forums
*DPreview's Canon SLR Talk Forum
*Fred Miranda's Forums
*Pekka Saarinen's Digital Photography Forum
*Michael Tapes Archive Creator and Capture One Support Forums

Understanding The Electronic Flash

*Toomas Tamm's Electronic Flash Information
*D30 and Canon E-TTL Flashes
*Flash Photography With Canon EOS Cameras


1. Qimage and Canon i9900 Printer Settings Using Printer Profiles Download
2. Canon Printer ICC Profile Guide Download

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